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Supported Products

We provide support for a range of CRM products from FrontRange Solutions as well as other manufacturers. Customer Relationship Management software can help you sift through your company�s raw DATA and turn it into useful sales-generating INFORMATION, while other tools can allow your CRM to interface with other software in your workplace. This helps you reach out to new customers, strengthen your relationships with existing customers, and automate your business processes. And that means more sales.

Short list of products we support:

GoldMine Corporate

GoldMine Corporate Edition is ideal for current GoldMine customers who don't need customer support capabilities.

GoldMine Premium

GoldMine Premium adds an advanced service and support module and a newly developed, intuitive interface to the robust CRM functionality of GoldMine Corporate Edition.

GoldMine Enterprise

The latest CRM solution from FrontRange's award-winning GoldMine product line. GoldMine Enterprise is designed for the business that wants its CRM to add significant value, not just automate sales calls.

GoldMine Standard

No longer in production by FrontRange, Publish or Perish still offers active support for this and many other legacy versions of the GoldMine software.


Simply, quickly, and easily get the information you need from GoldMine with this Reporting and Analysis tool.


Integrate sending and receipt of faxes into your CRM system.


This sales quoting and ordering software integrates with most of the leading CRM systems.

Crystal Reports

Access your data, format it, and deliver it as information inside and outside your organization with the latest version of Crystal Reports, the world's leading reporting tool.


This RAD tool allows you to quickly develop software for the Windows environment.

The above list is by no means comprehensive - we can provide support for other products as need be or direct you at who can. Feel free to call us with any questions or use our contact form and one of our representatives will contact you.