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Delphi 2006

Revolutionize Your Windows Development

The most productive, complete, and reliable Windows RAD environment ever!

  • The ultimate productivity force-multiplier for Windows development
  • Ensure visual consistency with customizable VCL designer guidelines
  • Easily deploy persisted applications with executable state diagrams
  • Seamlessly reverse-engineer, migrate, and re-use existing code

Delphi developers know the value of small, agile teams. For years, they have outperformed larger development organizations through skill, expertise, and the right choice of tools. Delphi 2006 provides the ultimate productivity ‘force multiplier’, eliminating tedium and maximizing coding efficiency through a revolutionary Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) framework, an enhanced visual component library, and a fully integrated suite of modeling and ALM tools. Part of Developer Studio, Delphi 2006 also includes complete RAD support for C and C# in addition to Delphi Win32 and Delphi for .NET programming languages.

Delphi Editions

Delphi 2006 Professional

Delphi Professional is designed for individual developers, ISVs, and smaller organizations building desktop and Web applications with local database connectivity. New in Delphi 2006, the Professional edition now includes select ECO features that provide common desktop application services such as object-relational mapping and transparent local xml object persistence.

Delphi 2006 Professional is a complete environment for the visual design, compilation, and debugging of Windows applications. Programs can be targeted for Win32 and Microsoft .NET applications using a common source code base.

  • Rapid application development with support for Delphi, C++, and C# programming language
  • Visual WYSIWYG client and Web application development
  • Local database connectivity for Borland InterBase, dBase, Paradox, ADO, MySQL, MSDE, and Access
  • Basic object-relational mapping and transparent local xml object persistence features
  • Win32, Microsoft .NET, and ASP.NET support

Delphi 2006 Enterprise

Delphi Enterprise is designed for small to medium-sized organizations and advanced individual developers who develop business-critical software with high performance database server requirements. New in Delphi 2006, the Enterprise edition includes key ECO III features that allow developers to rapidly develop Enterprise intranet Web applications with object-relational mapping and transparent database persistence.

Delphi 2006 Enterprise includes all of the capabilities of the Professional edition and adds advanced Web development, multi-tier application and database server connectivity tools, team communication support, feature and defect tracking, and source code management.

  • Integrated Together Modeling with UML, LiveSource, Integrated Audits and Metrics, and Document Generation
  • High-performance database server connectivity for InterBase, Microsoft SQL Server™, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, and more
  • Object-relational mapping and transparent database persistence
  • Multi-tier Win32 and Microsoft .NET database application development
  • IntraWeb RAD Web application development
  • Borland StarTeam Standard Edition

Delphi 2006 Architect

Delphi 2006 Architect is designed for professional enterprise developers who need to adapt quickly to changing business rules and manage sophisticated applications that synchronize with multiple database schemas. Delphi 2006 Architect includes an advanced ECO III framework that allows developers to rapidly deploy scalable external facing Web applications with executable state diagrams, object-relational mapping, and transparent persistence.

Delphi 2006 Architect includes all of the capabilities of the Enterprise edition, and includes the complete ECO III framework, including new support for ECO State Machines powered by State Chart visual diagrams, and simultaneous persistence to multiple and mixed database servers.

  • State Chart Diagrams
  • Executable ECO State Machines
  • Multi- and Mixed- ECO database support