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GoldMine� Premium Edition

Focus on Customer Relationships

GoldMine Premium

GoldMine Premium Edition enables you to effectively manage every facet of your business relationships. Opportunities to win and retain customers occur at every phase of the customer relationship lifecycle. GoldMine Premium enables you to turn more of these opportunities into additional bottom-line value, often by leveraging data you already collect.

Created for entire medium-sized enterprises or distributed enterprises, GoldMine Premium delivers software the way you want it.

GoldMine Premium adds an advanced service and support module and a newly developed, intuitive interface to the robust CRM functionality of GoldMine Corporate Edition.

New Support Module!

Reduce your customer service costs, while increasing customer satisfaction by deploying GoldMine Premium's Support Module.

  • Serve customers faster and more effectively
  • Increase technician productivity
  • Lower cost of service
  • Reduce training time

New Intuitive Interface!

  • Highly intuitive
  • Easy navigation
  • Standards-based
  • Get to functionality and data quickly