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Quoting Made Easy!

Quotewerks Screen Shot

QuoteWerks is the sales quoting and ordering software that integrates with the leading contact managers ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, MS CRM, Outlook,, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic.

Creating a quote is the initial step in producing a sale. Before QuoteWerks creating a quote could consume hours of your time.

Since it's introduction thousands of people are using QuoteWerks every day to produce detailed professional looking quotes in a fraction of the time it used to take. See for yourself just how powerful of a tool QuoteWerks is!

Before QuoteWerks, you may have had to manually type in the customer's name, title, address, etc every time you created a quote. QuoteWerks integrates seamlessly with leading contact management software such as ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, MS CRM, Outlook,, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic.

This integration allows you to instantly start quoting using your prospect and customer information that is already in your existing contact management software. You will never have to re-type your customer's information, and no importing is required!

You can create an unlimited amount of QuoteWerks product/service databases and store lists of the products and services for each of the vendors you purchase from. If you already have lists of products and services that you quote in electronic format, you can import those lists into QuoteWerks.

With access to multiple product databases all at the same time, it is easy to organize, maintain, and find the products that you are looking for.

Click here to download a free demo version of QuoteWerks!