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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means letting your computers do the busy work so that you can focus on what matters: Your Customers

Our sales people handle invoicing, produce quotes, keep accounts, place orders, coordinate schedules, track sales, create reports, send e-mails... Wait, scratch that out! The computer does all that using GoldMine� CRM Software by Ivanti - leaving our sales people free to do what they were hired to do - SELL.

Wondering why your salespeople are NOT making sales calls? Odds are, they are busy with everything BUT closing deals. Get a boost in revenue by automating your sales process using CRM software like GoldMine.

A CRM system will allow you to:

  • Stay organized
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Effortlessly coordinate communication with clients
  • Provide better, more informed customer service
  • Manage and track your teams activities
  • Integrate all your existing software
    (accounting, quoting, word, etc.)
  • Improve your bottom line

For 20 years we have been installing and providing support for affordable customized Customer Relation Management systems for all types of businesses using GoldMine software. Find out what a difference we can make for your business!